Eatonville, WA 98328

We offer a wide variety of fruit trees, nut trees, and flowering trees that we have found to thrive in our
adverse climate. Our over 2,500 Trees are sold bareroot or potted. Bareroot trees are not typically available after the last
week of March due to the risk of shock to the trees, this is all weather dependant.  If the trees are still in
a dormant state into April and have not yet started to produce leaves, bareroot sales will continue. As
their abundant, fibrous roots aren't confined by a container, bare-root trees get off to a more vigorous
start compared to containerized roots which typically need more time to adjust to transplanting. Bare-root
trees typically surpass the size of larger potted trees in only a few years. Although potted trees are sold
year round. Most potted trees are planted in 5-25 gallon pots.  Return the 15-25 gallon pot(s) in good
condition on your next visit and get a $10 credit towards your next purchase of a potted tree.  
Participating in the program helps keeps our prices low.
If you have an orchard that you would like to fill
with fabulous fruit trees and don't necesarily care what the varieties are, we offer a Farm Pack. Often
times we have wild windy storms that blow the labels off of our trees, we know what variety of tree they
are(apple, pear, prune, etc) but we don't know the specific breed. Those trees we sell in bulk via the
Farm Pack! The Farm Pack contains 20 smaller trees around 4' tall, 20 medium trees around 6', and 10
larger trees over 6' tall; 50 trees for $500!
We also are able to special order trees. So, if you are looking for a special variety of fruit, flowering, native, or other some
type of tree and cannot find it listed on our site, just give us a call! We are by appointment only, so please, give a call if you
have any questions!!!

We offer a 10% Military/Firefighter/Police Discount
Delivery possible