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Want to raise money with for your school or cause with Dancing Bee products? We’re excited to
announce our partnership with FarmRaiser! An amazing, easy online way to generate essential funds
for your non-profit or organization. If you’re sick of candy, cookie dough or coupon book fundraisers,
Dancing Bee Apiary + FarmRaiser is your healthy, high-profit fundraising alternative.

Here’s how our healthy fundraising program works:
Step 1: Student Champions( and their parents) sell Dancing Bee Honey using mobile apps, custom online funraising  
markets,  and with email and social media, while learning about the importance of a  healthy local food system!
Step-2 At the end of the fundraising sale, Dancing Bee Apiary will deliver the season’s freshest and
finest to your school!
marketplaces and mobile apps to help you raise money for your school, sports team, band, chorus, or
other group by selling the best produce in the Pacific Northwest! Students can sell with email and social
media, on smart phones and tablets, and even using old-fashioned paper forms. Dancing Bee delivers
amazing fresh products to the school, and your supporters and customers take home the best of the
season. Not only will you earn at least 45% profit, you will help support dozens of local farms, and
help students become champions for healthy eating.
Click here to learn more or email us to find out how you can be part of the change.

Watch the FarmRaiser introductory video to learn more:
Check us out HERE!!!